Establishing a Safehaven

Establishing a Safehaven


Follow three basic steps in setting up a safehaven in your home:


❑ Designate an internal room;


❑Install a two-way communications system or telephone; and

❑Furnish the safehaven with an emergency kit.



It is highly unlikely you would spend more than a few hours in a safehaven; however, the supplies listed below are suggested for your maximum safety. Your security officer can tell you more about how to select and secure your safehaven.


The following is a checklist of possible safehaven supplies.

Fire extinguisher

Fresh water

5-day supply of food

Candles, matches, flashlight

Extra batteries


Toilet facilities

Sterno stove, fuel

Shortwave or other radio

Medical/first aid kit

Other items for your comfort and leisure—a change of clothing, books, games


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Establishing a Safehaven

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